Corimer, John


A Defense of Church Establishments, 1833, 71 pages, published anonymously, being a second review of the speeches of the leading men of the Voluntary Church Association

This book was written at the beginning of the 10 year Intrusion Controversy in 1833 that led up to the birth of the Free Church of Scotland from the Church of Scotland in the Disruption of 1843.  The Intrusion Controversy centered around the unlawful intrusion of the civil government into the jurisdiction of the Church.  Many saw the abuses and hence argued for a complete disassociation between Church and State, otherwise known as the Voluntary Principle.  Corimer here argues for the Biblical Establishment Principle against the Voluntary Principle.  His book is a review of Voluntary lectures that were lately delivered.  “Second” in the original title refers to the fact that he had previously responded to the Voluntary lectures before they were published in book form.  Here he responds to the lectures more fully after their publication.