A Humble Acknowledgment of the Sins of Those Preparing for Ministry

by the Church of Scotland



S  I  N  S

First, such as are before their entry
to the Ministery.

  1. LIGHTNESS and profanity in conversation, unsuitable to that holy Calling which they did intend, not throughly repented of.
  2. Corrupt education of some in the Prelatical and Arminian way, whereby their corruptions and errors were drunken in, and abilities improven, for strengthening and promoving the same, not repented of.
  3. Not studying to be in CHRIST, before they be in the Ministry; nor to have the practical knowledge and experience of the Mystery of the Gospel in themselves, before they preach it to others.
  4. Neglecting to fit themselves for the Work of the Ministry in not improving prayer and fellowship with God, education at Schools and opportunities of a lively Ministry, and other means, and not mourning for these neglects. {76}
  5. Not studying self-denial, nor resolving to take up the Cross of CHRIST.
  6. Negligence to entertain sight and sense of sin and misery, not wrestling against corruption, nor studying of mortification and subduedness of spirit.

Secondly, in entering.

  1. CARNAL, corrupt and crooked ways for entering to the Ministry, such as bribing in the time of Prelacy, solicitation of friends and the like; whereby many have not entered by the door, but did climb up another way.
  2. Entering to the Ministry by an implicit, execrable, Canonical Oath and subscription given to the Prelates for acknowledging them, and advancing their corruptions introduced and to be introduced.
  3. Entering to the Ministry without trials, and receiving ordination either from the Prelate, or by a recommendation from him to the Presbytery, and sometimes without or against the mind of the Presbytery.
  4. Entering either only by Presentations, or by purchased Supplications from the plurality of the Parishioners, without or against the consent of the godly in the Parish.
  5. Entering to the Ministry without respect to a Commission from Jesus Christ, by which it hath come to pass, that many have run unsent.
  6. Entering to the Ministry not from the love of Christ, nor from a desire to honour God in gaining of souls, but for by-ends, for a name, and for livelihood in the World, notwithstanding solemn declaration to the contrary at admission.
  7. Some offering themselves to trial without abilities, and studying to conceal and hide their weakness, by making use of the help and pains of some friend and acquaintance, or other men’s Papers, in several parts of the trial; and some authorized to preach, and others admitted to the Ministry, who have little or no ability for performing the duties thereof.
  8. Too much weighed with inclination to be called to the Ministry in a place where we have carnal relation.




See here for the larger work from which this is taken, A Humble Acknowledgment of the Sins of the Ministry of Scotland

Gratefully excerpted from TrueCovenanter.com