All of the Writings of the Westminster Divines Available for Purchase


150+ of the roughly 1,000 publications that the Westminster divines wrote are available to purchase in modern reprints or print-on-demand fascimiles from readable 1800’s editions.  We have not included print-on-demand editions from before 1800 as they are often very difficult to read and they are not usually high quality, though perhaps about 60% of the Westminster corpus can be bought through the many print-on-demand publishers.

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Order of the Divines

The Westminster Assembly  All


Scottish Commissioners (non-voting Presbyterians)

Baillie, Robert  3 
Gillespie, George  9
Henderson, Alexander  5
Rutherford, Samuel  12


Members of the civil House of Commons

Seldon, John  2  Erastian


English Clergy (41)

Arrowsmith, John  2                                                  Independent  3  Greene, John
Ashe, Simeon  1                                                Independent  4  Greenhill, William
Bolton, Samuel  3                                                                1  Hardwick, Humphrey
Bond, John  1                                                                               All  Harris, Robert
Bridge, William  All  Independent                                                 3  Hickes, Gaspar
Burges, Cornelius  1  Assessor           Erast., conf. in 1660  2  Lightfoot, John
Burgess, Anthony  4  Independent                                   6  Newcomen, Matthew
Burroughs, Jeremiah  26  Independent                   Assessor  2  Palmer, Herbert
Byfield, Richard  1                                                                           1  Price, William
Calamy, Sr., Edmund  2                       Conformed in 1660  5  Reynolds, Edward
Carter, John  1                                                                             1  Scudder, Henry
Caryl, Joseph 3  Indep.                                                       4  Sedgwick, Obadiah  

Case, Thomas  4                                                                    7  Spurstowe, William
Cawdrey, Daniel  7                                                                  3  Staunton, Edmund
Featley, Daniel  1  Epsicopalian                               Independent  4  Sterry, Peter
Ford,Thomas  2                                                                           3  Strickland, John

Gataker, Thomas  2                                                                      5  Strong, William
Goodwin, Thomas  All  Independent                                            1  Taylor, Francis
Gouge, William  4  Assessor                                                   1  Tuckney, Anthony
.                                                                                                    1  Walker, George
.                                                                                         Assessor  1  White, John

Works by Multiple Members

Various Members  1
The Dissenting Brethren  2


All of the Writings of the Westminster Divines Available for Purchase


The Westminster Assembly

The Westminster Standards  Buy

Including the Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms, tthe Directory for Public Worship and the Form of Presbyterial Church Government

The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 5 volumes  Buy  ToC  edited by Chad Van Dixhoorn  

This contains all the available documents and papers of the Westminster Assembly, some of which were here first published since being found several years ago.  The price tag is around $900, but you can try to find it in a library near you.




Scottish Commissioners



Baillie, Robert 1559-1662


Errors and Induration are the Great Sins and the Great Judgments of the Time: a sermon, July 30, 1645, the day of the Monthly Fast  Buy  1645 

Satan the Leader in Chief to All who Resist the Reparation of Sion: As it was Cleared in a Sermon to the Honorable House of Commons at Their Late Solemn Fast, Feb. 28, 1643  Buy



The Letters and Journals of Robert Baillie, 1637-1662, Containing an Impartial Account of Public Transactions, Civil, Ecclesiastic, and Military, both in England and Scotland, a period, perhaps, the most remarkable that is to be met with in the British History : With An Account of the Author’s Life  Buy

Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3



Gillespie, George 1613-1648


A Sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons at their late solemn fast Wed., Mar. 27, 1644 Buy

A Sermon preached before the right honorable the House of Lords in the Abbey Church at Westminster, upon Aug. 27, 1645, being the day appointed for solemn and public humiliation, whereunto is added a brotherly examination of some passages of Mr. Coleman’s late printed sermon upon Job 11:20, in which he has endeavored to strike at the root of all church-government Buy 1646



Reasons for which the Service Book ought to be Refused Buy

This was published anonymously, but Chris Coldwell has made the case that it was written by Gillespie.



Aaron’s Rod Blossoming, or, The divine ordinance of church-government vindicated so as the present Erastian controversy concerning the distinction of civil and ecclesiastical government, excommunication, and suspension, is fully debated and discussed, from the holy scripture, from the Jewish and Christian antiquities, from the consent of latter writers, from the true nature and rights of magistracy, and from the groundlessness of the chief objections made against the Presbyterial government in point of a domineering arbitrary unlimited power Buy 1646

An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland in the points of Ruling-Elders and of the Authority of Presbyteries and Synods Buy 1641

A Dispute Against the English-Popish Ceremonies, obtruded upon the Church of Scotland. Wherein not only our own arguments against the same are strongly confirmed, but likewise the answers and defenses of our opposites, such as Hooker, Mortoune… Forbesse, etc. particularly confuted Buy 1637

Faces About, or, A Recrimination Charged upon Mr. John Goodwin in the point of fighting against God, and opposing the way of Christ, and a justification of the Presbyterian way in the particulars by him unjustly charged upon it: with other short animadversions upon his late book called [Theomachia] or, The grand imprudence of men running the hazard of fighting against God, etc. Buy

Chris Coldwell has made the case that Faces About was written by Gillespie, though EEBO has attributed it otherwise.

A Late Dialogue Betwixt a Civilian and a Divine Concerning the Present Condition of the Church of England, Transcribed Buy 1644

Wholesome Severity reconciled with Christian liberty. Or, the true resolution of a present controversy concerning liberty of conscience: Here you have the question stated, the middle way betwixt popish tyranny and schismatizing liberty approved, and also confirmed from Scripture, and the testimonies of divines, yea of whole churches: the chief arguments and exceptions used in The bloody tenant, The compassionate Samaritan, M.S. to A.S. etc. examined. Eight distinctions added for qualifying and clearing the whole matter. And in conclusion a paranetic to the five apologists for choosing accommodation rather than toleration, Dec. 16, 1644 Buy

This work was published anonymously. Chris Coldwell has argued for Gillespie’s authorship here.


Henderson, Alexander c.1583-1646


Two Speeches Delivered Before the subscribing of the Covenant, the 25th of Sept. at St. Margarets in Westminster, the one by Mr. Philip Nye, the other by Mr. Alexander Henderson  Buy  1643



A Sermon Preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at their late Solemn Fast, Wed., Dec. 27, 1643 Buy

A Sermon Preached before the House of Lords, Wed., May 28, 1645: Being the day appointed for solemn and public humiliation Buy

A Sermon Preached before the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament upon Thursday, July 18th, 1644: it being the day of public thanksgiving for the great mercy of God in the happy success of the forces of both kingdoms near York, against the enemies of King and Parliament Buy

Sermons, Prayers and Pulpit Addresses Buy edited by R. Thomson Martin, 1867

This has collection has many of Henderson’s discourses and prayers not elsewhere found.




Rutherford, Samuel c. 1600-1661

Individual Sermons

A Sermon Preached to the Honorable House of Commons: at Their Late Solemn Fast, Wed., Jan. 31, 1643 Buy

A Sermon Preached before the Right Honorable House of Lords, Wed., June 25, 1645, for the Solemn and Public Humiliation, 1645 Buy


Collections of Sermons

Fourteen Communion Sermons, with a preface and notes by A.A. Bonar Buy 1878

Quaint sermons of Samuel Rutherford Buy 1885



A Catechism Containing the Sum of Christian Religion Buy 80 pages



Letters of Samuel Rutherford with a Sketch of his Life Buy edited by A. Bonar, 1848



Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself, or, A Survey of our Savior in his Soul-Suffering, his Loveliness in his Death, and the Efficacy Thereof, delivered in sermons on John 12 Buy 1647

The Covenant of Life Opened, or, A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace Containing Something of the Nature of the Covenant of Works, the Sovereignty of God, the Extent of the Death of Christ … the covenant of grace … of surety or redemption between the Lord and the Son Jesus Christ, infants right to Jesus Christ and the seal of baptism, with some practical questions and observations HTML Buy 1655

A Free Disputation Against Pretended Liberty of Conscience: Tending to resolve doubts moved by Mr. John Goodwin, John Baptist, Dr. Jeremy Taylor, the Belgic Arminians, Socinians, and other Authors Contending for Lawless liberty, or Licentious Toleration of Sects and Heresies Buy 1649

Lex, Rex: The Law and the Prince: a dispute for the just prerogative of king and people, containing the reasons and causes of the most necessary defensive wars of the kingdom of Scotland and of their expedition for the aid and help of their dear brethren of England: in which their innocency is asserted and a full answer is given to a seditious pamphlet entitled Sacro-Sancta Regum Majestas, or, The sacred and royal prerogative of Christian Kings, under the name of J. A. but penned by Jo. Maxwell the excommunicate P. Prelate: with a scriptural confutation of the ruinous grounds of W. Barclay, H. Grotius, H. Arnisœus, Ant. de Domi P. Bishop of Spalata, and of other late anti-magistratical royalists, as the author of Ossorianum, D. Fern, E. Symmons, the doctors of Aberdeen, etc., in 44 questions Buy 1644

The Power of Faith and Prayer Buy 1713, 88 pages

The Trial and Triumph of Faith: or, An Exposition of the History of Christ’s dispossessing of the daughter of the woman of Canaan. Delivered in sermons; in which are opened, the victory of faith; the condition of those that are tempted; the excellency of Jesus Christ and free grace; and some special grounds and principles of libertinism and antinomian errors Buy 1652





Members of the House of Commons



Selden, John 1584-1654


Tracts Written by John Seldon  Buy  1683



Titles of Honor  Buy  1614




General Assembly Members



Arrowsmith, John 1602-1659


The Covenant Avenging Sword Brandished Buy



A Chain of Principles; Or, An Orderly Concatenation of Theological Aphorisms and Exercitations; Wherein the Chief Heads of Christian Religion are Asserted and Improved Buy



Ashe, Simeon d. 1662


Primitive Divinity, a Treatise on Divine Contentment Buy



Bolton, Samuel 1605/6-1654


The Guard of the Tree of Life, or, A Sacramental Discourse showing a Christian’s priviledge in approaching to God in ordinances, duty in his sacramental approaches, danger if he do not sanctify God in them ToC Buy



The Arraignment of Error: or, A Discourse serving as a curb to restrain the Wantonness of Men’s Spirits in the Entertainment of Opinions; and as a compass, whereby we may sail in the search and finding of truth; distributed into six main questions ToC Buy

The True Bounds of Christian Freedom, Or a Treatise wherein the rights of the law are vindicated, the liberties of grace maintained; and the several late opinions against the law are examined and confuted, Whereunto is annexed a discourse of the learned John Cameron, touching the three-fold Covenant of God with man, faithfully translated Buy 1656



Bond, John 1612-1676


Salvation in a Mystery, or A Prospective Glass for England’s Case, a Sermon Buy




Bridge, William 1600/01-1671

Works of William Bridge ToC Buy

vol. 1
vol. 2
vol. 3
vol. 4
vol. 5



Burges, Cornelius d. 1665


Baptismal Regeneration of Elect Infants professed by the Church of England, according to the Scriptures, the primitive Church, the present reformed churches, and many particular divines apart ToC Buy



Burgess, Anthony d. 1664


The Difficulty of and the Encouragements to a Reformation, a Sermon Preached Before the honorable House of Commons at the Public Fast, Sept. 27, 1643 Buy



Spiritual Refining: or A Treatise of Grace and Assurance. Wherein are handled, the doctrine of Assurance, the use of signs in Self-Examination. How true graces may be distinguished from counterfeit. Several true signs of grace, and many false ones. The nature of grace under divers Scripture notions or titles, as regeneration, the new-creature, the heart of flesh, vocation, sanctification, etc. Many chief questions (occasionally) controverted between the orthodox and the Arminians. As also many cases of conscience. Tending to comfort and confirm saints. Undeceive and convert sinners. Being 120 sermons Buy 1659

Note that the modern two volume modern reprint of Spiritual Refining is only about half of the sermons in the original.

A Treatise of Original Sin, proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture, vindicated from false glosses Buy 1658

Vindiciae Legis: or, a Vindication of the Moral Law and the Covenants Buy fascimile



Burroughs, Jeremiah bap. 1601?, d. 1646


The Difference Between the Spots of the Godly and of the Wicked Buy 1668



An Exposition of the Prophesy of Hosea Buy 1643

Vol. 1
Vol. 2

Vol. 3
Vol. 4


The Gospel Series

Gospel Conversation wherein is shewed, I. How the conversation of believers must be above what could be by the light of nature. II. Beyond those that lived under the law. III. And suitable to what truths the Gospel holds forth Buy 1650

Gospel Fear Buy

Gospel Peace Buy 266 pages

Gospel Reconciliation, or, Christ’s trumpet of peace to the world, to which is added two sermons ToC Buy

Gospel Remission, or, a Treatise shewing that true blessedness consists in pardon of sin wherein is discovered the many Gospel mysteries therein contained, the glorious effects proceeding from it, the great mistakes made about it, the true signs and symptoms of it, the way and means to obtain it Buy 1668

Gospel Revelation, in three treatises, viz, 1 The Nature of God. 2 The Excellencies of Christ. And, 3 The Excellency of Man’s Immortal Soul ToC Buy

Gospel Worship, or, the Right Manner of sanctifying the name of God in general, And particularly in these three great ordinances, namely, 1. Hearing the Word. 2. Receiving the Lords Supper, and 3. Prayer Buy 1647


More Books

The Difference Between the Spots of the Godly and of the wicked Buy 1668

The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit, a Treatise upon Num. 14:24 Buy 1639

The Excellency of Holy Courage in Evil times Buy 1661

Hope Buy

Irenicum, to the Lovers of Truth and Peace, heart divisions opened in the causes and evils of them, with cautions that we may not be hurt by them, and endeavours to heal them Buy 1653

Jacob’s Seed, or The Generation of Seekers. And David’s Delight: or The Excellent on Earth ToC Buy

Jerusalem’s Glory breaking forth into the world being a Scripture Discovery of the New Testament Church in the latter days, immediately before the Second Coming of Christ Buy 1684

Moses his Choice, with his eye fixed upon heaven: discovering the happy condition of a self-denying heart, a treatise upon Hebrews 11:25-26 Buy 1650

Precious Faith Buy

The Rare Jewel of Christian contentment wherein is shewed, I. What contentment is, II. The holy art or mystery of it, III. Several lessons that Christ teaches, to work the heart to contentment, IV. The excellencies of it, V. The evils of murmuring, VII. The aggravations of the sin of murmuring Buy 1649

The Saints’ Happiness. Together with the several steps leading thereunto, delivered in divers Lectures on the Beatitudes; Being part of Christ’s Sermon in the Mount; contained in the fifth of Mathew Buy 1660

The Saints’ Inheritance and the Worldling’s portion representing the glorious condition of a child of God and the misery of having ones portion in this world, unfolding the state of true happiness with the marks, means, and members thereof Buy 1657

The Saints’ Treasury: Being Sundry Sermons Buy 1654

The Saints’ Walk by Faith Buy

A Treatise of the Evil of Evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the least sin, than there is in the greatest affliction. 2 Sin is most opposite to God. 3 Sin is most opposite to mans good. 4 Sin is opposite to all good in general. 5 Sin is the poison, or evil of all other evils. 6 Sin hath a kind of infiniteness in it. 7 Sin makes a man conformable to the Devil. All these several heads are branched out into very many particulars Buy 1654

Two Treatises. The First of Earthly Mindedness; The Second of Conversing in Heaven, and Walking with God Buy 1652

Zion’s Joy Buy 112 pages



Byfield, Richard bap. 1598, †1664

The Light of Faith: and, way of holiness, showing what to believe, and for what to strive together, earnestly contend, and suffer for in this contending age. And how to live in all estates, conditions, and degrees of relation, according to this faith. In both, delivering (as near as might be, in the life of Scripture phrase) only things necessary, as we mean to be saved, and avoiding utterly things arbitrary, that distract rather than direct a Christian ToC Buy



Calamy, Edmund 1600-1666


The Godly Man’s Ark, or, City of Refuge, in the Day of his Distress discovered in Diverse Sermons, the First of which was preached at the Funeral of Mistress Elizabeth Moore, the other four were afterwards preached, and are all of them now made public for the support and consolation of the saints of God in the hour of tribulation, hereunto are annexed Mrs. Moore’s evidences for heaven, composed and collected by her in the time of her health, for her comfort in the time of sickness Buy 1658

Two Solemn Covenants Made between God and Man: viz. the Covenant of Works, and the Covenant of Grace. Clearly laid open, distinguished, and vindicated from many dangerous opinions; the right knowledge of which will be very profitable to all those that have escaped the first, and are confirmed in the second at the Sacrament Buy 1647, 34 pages



Carter, John d. 1655


The Nail and the Wheel: the Nail fastened by a hand from heaven, the wheel turned by a voice from the throne of glory, both described in two sermons Buy




Caryl, Joseph 1602-1673


Exposition of Job Buy

Ch. 1-3
Ch. 4-7 ToC
Ch. 8-10 ToC
Ch. 11-14

Ch. 15-17 ToC
Ch. 18-21
Ch. 22-26 ToC
Ch. 27-31

Ch. 32-34
Ch. 35-37 ToC
Ch. 38-42 ToC


A one volume abridgement of Caryl’s commentary on Job

An Exposition of Job Buy


Selected Excerpts

Bible Thoughts Buy

This is a book of excerpts from Caryl’s Commentary on Job, topically arranged.



Case, Thomas bap. 1598- d. 1682


‘The Conclusion’, Sermon 28, in The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, vol. 5 Buy

‘The Introduction’, Sermon 1, in The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, vol. 5 Buy 



Mount Pisgah, or, A Prospect of Heaven, being an exposition of 1 Thess. 4:13 to the end of the chapter, divided into three parts Buy



Correction, Instruction: or, The Rod and the Word, a Treatise on Afflictions Buy



Cawdrey, Daniel 1587/8-1664


Family Reformation Promoted in a Sermon on Josh. 24:15, and by short catechisms fitted for the three-fold relations in a family of 1. Children and parents, 2. Servants and masters, 3. Husband and wife ToC Buy

Three Sermons: 1. A Commission for an Assize [Judgment], Granted to the Saints, 2. A Close Hypocrite Discovered, 3. The Lawfulness of doing good out of hope of reward ToC Buy



The Account Audited and Discounted: or, a Vindication of the Threefold diatribe, of: 1. Superstition, 2. Will-worship, 3. Christmas festival, Against Dr. Hammond’s manifold para-diatribes ToC Buy

Church Reformation Promoted Buy on Matt 18:15-17

Independency a Great Schism Proved Against Dr. Owen his apology in his Tract of Schism as also an appendix to the former discourse, showing the inconstancy of the Dr. and the inconsistency of his former and present opinions, Transcribed Buy

Sabbatum Redivivum. Or, The Christian Sabbath Vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the Sabbath and the Lord’s day. Wherein, whatsoever has been written of late, for, or against the Christian Sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a Sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature, and religious reason Buy fascimile

Vindiciæ Clavium: or, A Vindication of the Keys of the kingdom of Heaven, into the hands of the right owners. Being some animadversions upon a tract of Mr. I.C. called, ‘The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’. As also upon another tract of his, called, ‘The Way of the Churches of New England’. Manifesting; 1. The weakness of his proofs. 2. The contradictions to himself, and others. 3. The middle-way (so called) of Independents, to be the extreme, or by-way of the Brownists ToC Buy



Featley, Daniel 1582-1645


The Romish Fisher caught and held in his own net. Or, A true relation of the Protestant conference and popish difference. A Justification of the one, and Refutation of the other. In matter of Fact, Faith Buy fascimile 1624



Ford, Thomas 1598-1674


Scriptures Self-Evidence to prove its existence, authority, certainty in itself, and sufficiency (in its kind) to ascertain others that it is inspired of God to be the only rule of faith, published as a plea for Protestants in the defense of their profession and intended only for the use and instruction of the vulgar sort Buy 1667

Singing of Psalms the Duty of Christians under the New Testament, or, a Vindication of that Gospel Ordinance in 5 Sermons upon Eph. 5:19 Buy 1653



Gataker, Thomas 1574-1654


Of the Nature and Use of Lots: a Treatise Historical and Theological  Buy  1619

The Spiritual Watch, or Christ’s General Watch-Word. A Meditation on Mark. 13:37  Buy  1619



Goodwin, Thomas 1600-1680

The Works of Thomas Goodwin ToC Buy

Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3
Vol. 4
Vol. 5
Vol. 6
Vol. 7
Vol. 8
Vol. 9
Vol. 10
Vol. 11
Vol. 12




Gouge, William 1575-1653


What must and can persons do towards their own Conversion? Ezekiel 18:32 being sermon 2 of volume 1 of Puritan Sermons  Buy



Commentary on Hebrews Buy 1655

Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3



Of Domestic Duties Buy 1622

A Guide to Go to God. Or, an Explanation of the Perfect Pattern of Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer Buy 1626



Greene, John fl. 1641-1647 Herefordshire


The Church’s Duty for Received Mercies Buy on 1 Samuel 12:24

Nehemiah’s Tears and Prayers for Judah’s Affliction, and the ruins and repair of Jerusalem: Delivered in a sermon before the House of Commons upon the day of their monthly humiliation, April 24, 1644 ToC Buy



The Fall of Adam Buy



Greenhill, William 1597/8-1671


Sermons of Christ, his last discovery of Himself of the Spirit and Bride, the Waters of Life, and, his Free Invitation of Sinners to Come and Drink of Them, from Rev. 22:16,17 ToC Buy

The Sound-Hearted Christian, or, A Treatise of Soundness of Heart with several other sermons ToC Buy

The Treatise of Soundness of Heart is comprised of the substance of several sermons on Ps. 119:80. The other sermons include: ‘Believing Lies under Command: Christians ought to be of Christs mind’; ‘All in Christs Name’; ‘The Preciousness of the Word’; ‘Against Love of the World’



An Exposition of Ezekiel Buy



Stop Loving the World Buy



Hardwick, Humphrey b. 1602


The Difficulty of Sion’s deliverance and reformation: together with the activity which her friends should manifest during the time that her cause is in agitation. Delivered in a sermon before the House of Commons on Wednesday morning, June 26, 1644 Buy



Harris, Robert 1580/1-1658

The Works of Robert Harris Buy fascimile

Included in this are his many sermons on the Beatitudes, which have been reprinted here.



Hickes, Gaspar


The Advantage of Afflictions: a sermon preached before the House of Peers, Jan. 28, 1645. being the day of public humiliation Toc Buy

The Glory and Beauty of God’s Portion: set forth in a sermon preached before the House of Commons at the public fast, June 26, 1644 Toc Buy

The Life and Death of David: A sermon preached at the funeral of that worthy member of the House of Commons, William Strode Esquire Sept. 22, 1645 ToC Buy



Lightfoot, John 1602-1675

The Whole Works of the Rev. John Lightfoot ToC

Vol. 13 Buy

The journal of the proceedings of the Assembly of Divines, 1643-1644, and letters



A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica (Matt through First Corinthians) Buy

This commentary is commentary is found in volumes 8 and 10-12 of his works above. Lightfoot also has a commentary on Acts.




Newcomen, Matthew 1610-1669


The All-Seeing Unseen Eye of God, Discovered in a Sermon preached before the House of Commons, Dec. 30, 1646, being the day of their solemn monthly fast ToC Buy

The Craft and Cruelty of the Church’s Adversaries: discovered in a sermon preached before the House of Commons assembled in Parliament, Nov. 5, 1642 ToC Buy

The Duty of Such as Would Walk Worthy of the Gospel: to endeavor union, not division, nor toleration. Opened in a sermon, Feb. 8, 1646 ToC Buy

Jerusalem’s Watchmen, the Lord’s Remembrancers: a Sermon preached
at the Abby at Westminster, before both Houses of Parliament, and the
Assembly of Divines, upon their Solemn Fast, July 7, 1643 Buy on Isa. 62:6-7, 16 pages

A Sermon Preached at the Funerals of Samuel Collins, Pastor of the Church of Christ at Braintree in Essex, 1657 ToC Buy



The Best Acquaintance and Highest Honor of Christians, or, a Discourse of Acquaintance with God ToC Buy






Palmer, Herbert 1601-1647


Making Religion One’s Business Buy

Sabbatum Redivivum, or, the Christian Sabbath Vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the Sabbath and the Lord’s day. Wherein, whatsoever has been written of late, for, or against the Christian Sabbath, is exactly but modestly examined, and the perpetuity of a Sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature and religious reason, 1645-1652 Buy




Price, William d. 1666

The Soul’s Porter to cast out Sin, and to keep out sin. A Treatise of the Fear of God ToC Buy



Reynolds, Edward 1599-1676

The Whole Works of Edward Reynolds ToC

vol. 1 Buy
vol. 2
vol. 3 Buy
vol. 4 Buy
vol. 5 Buy

vol. 6 Buy



Scudder, Henry d. 1652


The Christian’s Daily Walk in Holy Security and Peace  Buy  1631



Sedgwick, Obadiah 1600-1658


The Anatomy of Secret Sins, Presumptuous sins, Sins in dominion and uprightness, Together with the remissibleness of all sin, and the irremissibleness of the sin against the Holy Ghost, being sermons on Ps. 19:12-13 Buy 1660

Christ’s Counsel to his Languishing Church of Sardis. Or, The dying or decaying Christian, with the means and helps of his recovery and strengthening ToC Buy

The Doubting Believer, or, A Treatise containing 1. the nature, 2. the kinds, 3. the springs, 4. the remedies of doubtings, incident to weak believers Buy

Providence Handled Practically Buy



Spurstowe, William d. 1666


A Crown of Life, the Reward of Faithfulness, being a sermon preached Sept. 12, 1661 at the funerals of Mr. William Taylor, minister of the Gospel ToC Buy

Death and the Grave no bar to believers happiness, or, A sermon preached at the funeral of the Lady Honor Vyner, July 10, 1656 ToC Buy

England’s Pattern and Duty in it’s Monthly Fasts: presented in a sermon, preached to both Houses of Parliament, Fri. July 21, 1643, Being an extraordinary day of public humiliation appointed by them throughout London and Westminster. that everyone might bitterly bewail his own sins and cry mightily unto God for Christ his sake, to remove his wrath, and heal the land ToC Buy

The Magistrate’s Dignity and Duty: Being a sermon preached on Oct. 30, 1653 ToC Buy



The Spiritual Chemist, or, Six Decades of Divine Meditations on several subjects ToC Buy

The Wells of Salvation Opened, or, A Treatise Discovering the Nature, Preciousness, Usefulness of Gospel Promises, and rules for the right application of them Buy 1655

The Wiles of Satan, in a discourse upon 2 Cor. 2:11 ToC Buy



Staunton, Edmund 1600-1671

A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkinson, wife of Westminster Divine Henry Wilkinson, on 1 Thess. 4:14 Buy

Staunton exhorts believers concerning the resurrection, and what it means to sleep in the Lord.

Phinehas’s Zeal in Execution of Judgment. Or, A Divine Remedy for England’s misery: A sermon preached before the House of Lords at their late solemn monthly fast, Oct. 30, 1644 ToC Buy

The Rock of Israel. A Little Part of its Glory Laid Forth in a sermon preached before the House of Commons, at their monthly fast, Apr. 24, 1644 ToC Buy



Sterry, Peter 1613-1672


Free Grace Exalted, and thence deduced evangelical rules for evangelical sufferings: in two discourses made March 29th and May 10th, 1670, from Rom. 5:21 Buy

The Spirit Convincing of Sin opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament upon the solemn day of their monthly fast, Nov. 26, 1645 Buy

The Teachings of Christ in the Soul: Opened in a sermon before the House of Peers, upon the solemn day of their monthly fast, March 29, 1648 Buy

The True Way of Uniting the People of God in these Nations: Opened in a sermon, Jan. 1, 1659 ToC Buy



Strickland, John 1601-1670


A Discovery of Peace: or, The Thoughts of the Almighty for the ending of his people’s calamities. Intimated in a sermon, April 24, 1644. Being the solemn day of their public Humiliation and monthly fast ToC Buy

Immanuel, or The Church Triumphing in God with Us: A sermon preached before the House of Lords, at their public thanksgiving, Nov. 5, 1644 ToC Buy

Mercy Rejoicing Against Judgment: or, God waiting to be gracious to a sinful nation. A sermon preached before the House of Commons upon the solemn day of their public humiliation and monthly fast, Oct. 29, 1645 ToC Buy



Strong, William d. 1654


The Saint’s Communion with God, and God’s Communion with them in ordinances. As it was delivered in several sermons ToC Buy

The Worm that Dies Not, or Hell Torments in the Certainty and Eternity of Them Plainly Discovered in several sermons preached on Mark 9:48, as a means to deter from sin and to stir up to mortification ToC Buy



A Discourse of the Two Covenants: wherein the nature, differences, and effects of the Covenant of Works and of Grace are distinctly, rationally, spiritually and practically discussed: together with a considerable quantity of practical cases dependent thereon Buy

Heavenly Treasure, or, Man’s chiefest good wherein the several workings of the heart about, and in pursuance of its chiefest good are solidly and judiciously discovered ToC Buy

Jesus Christ: God’s Shepherd Buy 172 pages



Taylor, Francis 1589-1656


God’s Glory in Man’s Happiness, with the Freeness of his Grace in Electing us together with many Arminian objections answered ToC Buy



Tuckney, Anthony 1599-1670


None but Christ, or A Sermon upon Acts 4:12: Preached, July 4, to which is annexed, an enquiry after what hope may be had of the salvation of 1. Heathens. 2. Those of the old world, the Jews and others before Christ. 3. Such as die infants, and idiots, etc. now under the Gospel ToC Buy



George Walker bap. 1582?, d. 1651


The Manifold Wisdom of God. In the Diverse Dispensation of Grace by Jesus Christ in the Old and New Testaments, In the Covenant of Faith, Works. Their Agreement and Difference, Transcribed Buy 1641 149 pages



White, John 1575-1648


The Planter’s Plea, Or The grounds of plantations examined, and usual objections answered. Together with a manifestation of the causes moving such as have lately undertaken a plantation in New-England: for the satisfaction of those that question the lawfulness of the action Buy




Various of the Divines

Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici: The Divine Right of Church Government, wherein it is Proved: that the Presbyterian Government by Preaching and Ruling Elders, in Sessional, Presbyterial and Synodical Assemblies may lay the only lawful claim to a divine right, according to the Holy Scriptures, by sundry ministers of Christ in the city of London Buy



The Dissenting Brethren

The Dissenting Brethren were the five leading Independents at the assembly that vigorously opposed presbyterian church government: Thomas Goodwin, Philip Nye, Sidrach Simpson, Jeremiah Burroughs and William Bridge.

The Reasons of the Dissenting Brethren against the Third Proposition, concerning Presbyterial Government, Humbly Presented Buy 1645

A Copy of a Remonstrance Lately Delivered in to the Assembly by Thomas Goodwin. Jeremiah Burroughs, William Greenhill, William Bridge, Philip Nye, Sidrach Simson and William Carter, Declaring the grounds and reasons of their declining to bring in to the Assembly their model of church-government ToC Buy








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