Westminster Assembly


The Writings of the Divines

All the Writings of the Westminster Divines that are Online



The Westminster Standards

The Westminster Standards




Commentaries on the Westminster Standards



The Theology of the Standards

The Interpretation and Defense of the Original Westminster Standards

On Baptizing Infants Because they are in the Covenant

On the Common Cup and Sitting at a Table

On Common Grace

On Musical Instruments

On Natural Law

On Psalm Singing

On the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel

On the Visible Church being Outwardly in the Covenant of Grace


The Assembly Itself

The Minutes of the Assembly

Assembly Participants

Histories of the Assembly



Other Documents of the Assembly

The Intros

The Adopting Acts

The Other Directory of Church Government



Related Documents to the Assembly

The Sum of Saving Knowledge (by James Durham and David Dickson)

Scotland’s Confession of Sins (Church of Scotland)

The Directory for Family Worship  (Church of Scotland)

Adopting Act



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