(c) Palace of Westminster; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationThe Westminster Assembly sat in London between 1643-1649 and produced the Westminster Confession of Faith.  It was perhaps the greatest convening of godly men since the days of the apostles and their Confession the most careful articulation of Biblical Christianity that history has produced




Annals of English Presbytery: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 1872, 345 pages, by Thomas M’Crie (the younger)

View from America

Dabney’s Impressions of Spurgeon’s preaching and the Metropolitan Tabernacle, 1880, p. 32, 4 pages, originally entitled, The “Tabernacle” and the “Abbey”, from his Discussions, vol 5.  R.L. Dabney was an American southern presbyterian

Dabney’s Impressions of Westminster Abbey, 1880, p. 36, 4 pages, originally entitled, The “Tabernacle” and the “Abbey”, from his Discussions, vol 5.  R.L. Dabney was an American southern presbyterian