VanDrunen, David

Natural Law in Reformed Theology: Historical Reflections and Biblical Suggestions, 2012, 24 paragraphs

Note: While we do not agree with VanDrunen’s conclusions on the modern ‘Reformed Two Kingdom’ (R2K) position, his work on natural law is a good introduction to the topic, with which the Westminster divines and puritans agreed.  For something faithfully, historically reformed on the topic of how Christ’s two kingdoms (one by divine, natural right, the other as Mediator over the Church) relate, see our section on the Establishment Principle.

VanDrunen, David – Pictures of Jesus and the Sovereignty of Divine Revelation: Recent Literature and a Defense of the Confessional Reformed View,  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian #5 (2009), p. 214-228

VanDrunen here argues for the Confessional position.