Keister, Lane


The Sabbath Day and Recreations on the Sabbath: An Examination of the Sabbath and the Biblical Basis for the “No Recreation” Clause in Westminster Confession of Faith 21.8 and Westminster Larger Catechism 117  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian, #5 (2009), p. 229-238

Intinction: An Historical, Exegetical and Systematic-Theological Examination  2012  19 pp.

Intinction is the practice of dipping the bread into the wine in order to eat the elements of the Lord’s Supper together, which confuses the order and symbolism of the Lord’s Supper as set for by Christ in His institution of it, and later reaffirmed by Paul.  This paper sufficiently demonstrates that the practice is contrary to both the teaching of the Bible and the Westminster Standards.  Keister first gives the history of the practice, then examines the relevant Biblical texts, and then addresses objections.