McCurley, Robert



Biblical Marriage  2010  55 pp.  being notes to 4 linked hour-long audio messages 

Here are blueprints for a godly and spiritually fulfilling marriage, from a seasoned pastor.  These warm audio messages and notes are filled with Biblical wisdom, to guide you into the richest blessings of the Lord.  They are helpful for premarital counseling and any stage in marriage, whether one needs an encouraging check-up, or a wholesale turn around.   

The Free Offer of the Gospel in the Free Church of Scotland, 2014, 5 brief points, 11 paragraphs

A Holy God and Holy Days   91 paragraphs  This is a transcription of an audio sermon which is linked and is 53 min. 

Rev. McCurley demonstrates that the Bible is against Christmas.  This sermon was preached on the Lord’s Day, Dec. 25th, 2011.



Video Series

Lectures on the Westminster Shorter Catechism  28 Lectures, about 15-20 min long each

These lectures expounding the Shorter Catechism were originally done for the children of the congregation that Rev. McCurley is a pastor of, though they will be a blessing and very helpful to adults as well.

Biblical Theology  John Knox Institute, 30 Lectures, about 30 min. each, designed for teens and older

Rev. McCurley of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) gives introductory lectures through the history of redemption, emphasizing the main message and themes of Scripture. This series was especially created for Hudson Taylor Ministries and their evangelistic efforts in China in order to educate Christian pastors, especially in seeing the unity of the teaching of the Bible. 

On Street Preaching

Interview on Open-Air Preaching, 9 min., Rev. McCurley shows that open-air preaching is Biblical and answers some questions about it.

Preaching on the Street, 24 min., this is a video of Rev. McCurley preaching on the street as people walk by