What does Keeping the Lord’s Day Entail?

Seeing as the Sabbath is a perpetually, morally binding obligation from the Lord’s institution of it at Creation, and that it has changed to the first day of the week at Christ’s Resurrection by God’s authority:

How are we to keep the Lord’s Day holy to the Lord?  What are the practical nuts and bolts of it?

Is our main focus upon enjoying and worshipping the Lord only for public worship in the morning, or is it to extend to the whole day?  Is it ok to eat out at restaurants over lunch?  To buy and sell on the Lord’s Day?  What about doing outdoors work around the house, or watching sports and entertainment?

Search the Scriptures in order to become more acquainted with God’s will on the matter.  These resources will be of great help to you in learning more.  

For those long acquainted with the blessings of Sabbath rest, we have included numerous longer puritan treatments that will give deep satisfaction to your soul:

What does Keeping the Lord’s Day Entail?