The Grounds of Christ the Mediator Receiving Worship

We are to only worship God, and yet Jesus, a man, was worshipped in his earthly ministry.  How is this so?  The answer is that we worship Jesus, the God-man, not insofar as He is a creature, but insofar as his Person is God.  Francis Cheynell, a Westminster divine, argues this precious jewel of theology in a bit of detail in a way that will be clear to the simplest, and make the most knowledgeable cry out: ‘Oh! the depths and the riches! (Rom. 11:33)  Learn also, in light of this, why the Second Commandment forbids all images of Jesus, God in the flesh.

The Grounds of Christ the Mediator Receiving Divine Worship  1650  20 pp.  with an Introduction and Outline